INTERACTION is a research and development group devoted to the study, development, application, and evaluation of technology on problems related to information seeking and information retrieval, human-information interaction, and visualization, using disciplinary basis from information science, computer science and engineering. The INTERACTION research group is part of the Departamento de Ingeniería Informática at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and it is formed by undergraduate, master, and doctoral students.

Our Objectives


Investigate ways to support and improve information seeking and retrieval processes.


Investigate ways to reduce the interaction gap between humans and digital information.


Investigate ways to visualize large volume information.

Current Projects


OpenGlove is an open source haptic device that provides vibrotactile feedback. OpenGlove offers a flexible design, which allows developers and users to rearrange the placement of vibration motors in different areas of the hand depending on their particular needs. OpenGlove is a useful resource to enhance immersion in virtual reality and natural interfaces applications.


The iFuCo is a three-year project (2016-2018) that focuses on studying student's online inquiry. The project's goal is to develop a pedagogical model and practice for online inquiry. This project is developed as part of an international and interdisciplinary consortium involving two Chilean Universities and three Finnish universities.


ENCHANT is a project that focuses on studying and designing systems for natural interactions with information search systems. The project involves the development and evaluation of body-controlled, touch-based, virtual-reality-based, visual-based, and augmented-reality-based interfaces for interacting with search results and information objects, and for organizing information.